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Inspiring younger generations
The Diwan Awards are an initiative that brings people together by highlighting the many talented people who come from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s a wonderful way for the younger generation to meet people who come from the same backgrounds as them and who they can take inspiration from.


The Diwan Awards are not just an awards ceremony that has proven itself and changed how we look at diversity, but a social project. Each ceremony is an intense evening filled with thought-provoking discussions, an experience that will stay with you for a long time to come.

The Diwan Awards has established itself as a social initiative that is dedicated to recognising all the talented people that make up our society, whether in Brussels, Flanders or the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, while at the same time taking into account the challenges of multiculturism that exist in our day and age.

Companies present their candidates, support and encourage them and invite colleagues to likewise support those who are discovering other candidates. Moreover, a third of the audience targeted by our ad campaigns are young people who we want to send a message to. We connect them with a number of professionals who young people can see themselves in and gain an interest in the future.

The same number of people are also invited to the ceremony in order to meet the role models, professionals and decision makers. These people may sometimes even become actual mentors or create vocations and an interest in the future.

It is precisely on these two axes, spreading and sharing, that the whole of the Diwan Awards’ meaning and purpose rests.


The Diwan Awards aim to highlight individuals or organisations (associations, foundations, companies or institutions) that have a background of diversity or who have supported citizens from diverse backgrounds. Inspirational careers, individual or group actions undertaken by culturally diverse citizens (or whose members, partners or founders have such a cultural mix).

To celebrate Belgium, its provinces, its institutions and municipalities, all of which have opened the doors to and demonstrated an Equal Opportunities policy which gets concrete results, as well as honouring the first generations and saluting ordinary citizens who have been examples of passing knowledge on – teaching, know-how, self-confidence…

Another goal is to clearly provide a trustworthy source of inspiration to younger generations, who sometimes lack examples. Role models are the best ambassadors of Social and Professional Inclusion for urban youth. They look like them, sometimes come from the same neighbourhoods and environments and are therefore better able to reach them. In this sense, the identification process is at its best.

Finally, we want this initiative to change attitudes and perceptions and acceptance of cultural diversity, not only in the world of business but in society in general by promoting diversity that is fulfilling, contributing and inspiring.

diwan awards
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories


Participation is open to all and is free. Candidates must be active in Belgium.

Candidates and their supporters are invited to complete the voting form online at > Diwan Awards Unlimited.

Only one vote per person is allowed and is based on the address of the voters (IP, e-mail, and/or postal address).
The nominees and winners of the classic version of the Diwan Awards are eligible to compete for the Diwan Awards Unlimited edition.

The final result of the election for the public prize is determined by:

a. Online votes on
b. Electronic votes (Survey Monkey type forms sent by email to associations, companies, etc.)
c. “Field” Voting – polls (optional)

Following public voting, the top 3 in each category constitute the “Nominees”.

The organisation is responsible for finding the nominees and contacting them to inform them of their nomination in the first round. They seek their express permission to be included in the list of finalists, their participation in the filming of a video presentation and their presence at the awards ceremony.

Our teams use all possible means to reach the 45 nominees in a minimum amount of time.

In case of refusal, failure to reach the candidate or for them respond to our requests within 8 days from the date of sending the message, the candidate who follows in the number of votes receives nominee status.


By submitting an application, the participant accepts the rules of the Diwan Awards available on

The nomination is for a person or organisation that represents the nomination throughout the competition process.

If the candidate is a finalist, he/she agrees:
• To attend the awards ceremony.
• To participate in the presentation edition video.
• To grant the organisation his/her “image rights”, which will mainly be used to promote their exemplary path, in a positive spirit, to audiences of young people with a view to inspiring them – in particular, by publishing video clips and photos on the dedicated website, as well as on social networks.

Winners of the Diwan Awards Unlimited edition cannot be candidates for the following edition, including in another category.

Finalists who do not win can resubmit an application for a future election.

The rules of the contest, the election process and the deliberations of the jury is not beholden to any outside influence.

Any questions regarding the Diwan Awards should be sent by email to


The Diwan Awards contest is open to everyone.

A candidate, he/she who has himself/herself submitted his/her application or who has been nominated by others with his/her consent or without his/her knowledge, will be informed of his/her presence in the competition if he/she is on the competitor’s list.

One of Diwan Awards’ primary objectives is to promote role models from diverse backgrounds in order to inspire younger generations. It is a positive, values-driven initiative via the establishment of a competition that is a call for candidates. It is based on the assumption that every person, association, or company registered has consented to do so. It can in no way be held responsible for an unsolicited nomination. The candidate(s) is/are not published until the final stage. He/she will have the opportunity to confirm his/her participation or to retract it during this second stage.

Once the attendance to the final is confirmed and announced on the site, it will no longer be subject to a retraction.


The names of the winners and the Special Jury Prize will be announced at the awards ceremony that will be held in Brussels.

Nominees will be invited to the ceremony and asked to confirm their attendance.

No information will be provided by the organisation or by the jury about the results of the elections until the official announcement of the winners at the awards ceremony.

The nominees are known at the launch of the final stage.

By submitting an application, the participant agrees to the Diwan Awards rules available at

The nomination is for a person or organisation that represents the nomination throughout the competition process.


Diwan Awards and Diwan Awards Unlimited are organised by the Divers-City association, which holds exclusive rights for this initiative. As such, it has the right and the prerogative to grant to associations outside Belgian territory, and which are pursuing the same societal objectives, the right to organise the same initiative, under the same name in partnership or free licence.

Diwan Awards and its business purpose are protected by copyright in 164 countries – DEP63482313294459603 – and its name filed with the BOIP under no. 1315761 – All rights reserved.

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